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Inspiring Calendar Design

Calendars are a bit of functional art for your home. So let's take a look at some inspirational calendars that will get your art juices flowing.

If you're feeling craft, check out Digi Scrap Station's Calendar Templates by Inspiredbydominic Designs. This is a set of digital templates for each month in 2009 in PSD format.

2009 Bubble Wrap Calendar from Perpetual Kid

For more wonderfully wierd but fun calendars take a look at Smashing Magazine's Creative Calendar Designs including a magnets of the months to make your own calendar of the pieces, a color concept associating colors with days and a smart post it calendar.

10 Plus Creative Calendar Designs via Kreative Garden has some pretty calendar images that attempt to break the grid form of the usual calendar while still being functional.

DezineHQ's 29 Creative Calendar Designs is just what it says. The amount of variety with these is great, although without sources comments or links it's hard to tell what's what. Some of it may be concepts and some might be available to read. I'm not sure.

For original art pieces, check out Etsy. Fifth Course has a few highlights

If you spot or made an interesting calendar, pass it on in the comments.

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