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TriviaToy is a new trivia ecosystem for Android. Designed and developed by Brian E. Young, the goal is to have a great user interface and fun user generated content. Maybe learn something in the process! Try it out and let me know what your think!

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Invisible Logic

I saw the movie The Invisible. It was bad. Really bad. It's filled with plot holes. I have not seen a movie this poorly developed in a very long time. And I've seen some bad ones. Characters do things with no apparent motivation. The movie makes you ask "why?" But don't wait for the answers. I'm all for suspension of disbelief, but this one passes the threshold too much too often. Any answers you do get are one-dimensional and unimaginative. Worst of all, I spent much of the movie hoping that what I suspected would happen wouldn't. Because it would be ridiculous. But no they didn't spare me. Watching it on DVD, my friend Shane and I were reeling. We'd yell why is this happening. Most disappointing to me is how misleading the trailer turned out to be. The trailer touts that the main guy (Justin Chatwin) will have to solve the mystery of his death. There's no mystery as the circumstances are given up right away. Don't worry though, the scenes with the old man from the trailer explaining this are omitted. I didn't expect a great movie even with that trailer, but it was still horrifyingly worse than I could have imagined. The tough girl is touted as a victim of circumstance, but I didn't see any reason to feel sorry for her. There's no heroism in caring about those who care about you, it's much more moving to care about those who don't. Skip it!

If you didn't notice, there was a new episode of the SketcheeBook Podcast last week. The next new one will go out this Tuesday! I'm having some problems with the audio recording quality that I didn't have before. Hopefully I can get them squared away soon. For these two episodes, it will have to do.


New old shoes

The retro look is everywhere in design right now. Check out my new converse shoes. So old style.

Livejournal Inc

I lost faith in Six Apart a long while back. Now with the sale of Livejournal and its conversion into a commercial entity, it seels like we're seeing a repeat of what happened to Movable Type. I do have a LJ apart from this site. Hope the site goes through the transition without damage on the community. We'll wait and see. The announcement was quite abrupt and harsh on the community.
If this company follow Six Aparts example, they'll find it easier to ask for forgive than permission. It's just not the way of the modern blogosphere

Publication out!

Here is the cover of an annual supplement i recently designed. It was distributed in newspapers through out Maryland this week! Yay. I got a lot of internal praise at work which makes me happy. Ill have samples of the editorial pages up soon.

Mobile posts are back!

You may remember that I used to post from my phone with until that service went offline. I just found out that Wordpress has a plug in to do just that called Postie. So I'm posting this from my phone now! I can do pictures and Quicktime video. Great.

[If I can keep doing these regularly, I'll have to copy edit them after posting.]