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Do Web Designers Need to go to a Technology College?

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Being a self-starter is a valuable tool as a web designer. Many designers learned their skills on their own time through trial and error and personal research. While there are probably hundreds of web designers holding good jobs who never attended college, that number is shrinking as web design becomes a more structured career. Today, companies are looking for web designers who have diplomas to back up their talent.

Competitive Job Market

One of the simplest reasons for a web designer to go to college is that there is so much competition in the web design market today. Anything you can do to make your application more impressive than the next person's application is worth looking into. Employers like to hire college graduates because that degree provides proof that the applicant is able to begin a task and complete it in the required amount of time. Many jobs in the computer field are quickly becoming closed to anyone who does not have the appropriate degree to compete.

Benefits of Structured Education

Spending time focused on web design through college courses can be valuable for you and your future employers. College gives you an opportunity to work directly with instructors who have been in the field and know what skills you really need on the job. You will be faced with a wide range of topics regarding web design that will give you an extra set of tools to fall back on when you encounter a problem in the real world. College also gives you a chance to learn about the most cutting edge technology as it is released.

How Employers View Degrees

When someone has earned an associate's degree or a bachelor's degree in their chosen field, it tells an employer that the applicant is dedicated to gaining as much knowledge as possible about their work. Employers also understand that it is impossible to graduate from college without learning how to meet deadlines with quality work. When facing a choice between a talented web designer without a degree and one with a degree, the degree will almost always win. College provides a structured study of web design that depends on a stable approach to studies over a series of years. Many employers appreciate stability in an employee as much as they admire creativity and skill.

Finding the Right School

When you are looking for a good web design school, make sure that you choose one that holds accreditation in the United States. Schools with accreditation are required to meet certain educational standards so that students who graduate are guaranteed to have a good quality education. If you are trying to choose between a 2-year degree and a 4-year degree, opt for the 4-year degree whenever possible. The options for web design schools range from technical colleges to online degree programs. It is not hard to find a school that fits your schedule.

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