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Portfolio: 11 Magazine Designs

Having transitioned more heavily into magazine design for the Baltimore Sun Media Group's Magazine Division in the past few months, it seems like a good time for a new portfolio post. I'm the graphic designer for Maryland Family Magazine and Howard Magazine which are trying to capitalize on the hyperlocal media trend.

In many cases, such as in the Momnesia photo, I helped further develop the photo concepts and art direct the shots to some small degree. The photographers are excellent to work with and really deserve all the credit. For the most part, I just try to tell the story with the design and hope the ideas comes across.


Portfolio: Summer Programs & Camp Guide 2009

Last February, I finished designing the Summer Programs & Camp Guide 2009 edition (Patuxent Publishing/Baltimore Sun). It was just the year before that I had taken over the supplement/special sections design position and so this was my first time completing the Camp Guide from beginning to end. The interior pages are grayscale, so I had to come up with some texture. I decided on using a crumpled paper that was created in Photoshop. I don't know if I've ever said, but most of these publications are designed using InDesign to put together the pieces.

The cover montage was decided on to cover the scope of the editorial pieces, but I did illustrate an original cover (see below). Both also use the crumpled texture effect. It's all over the place. The sports and skating stories had new photos taken. (by Justin Kase)


Portfolio: Wrap It Up 2008

I'm a bit late posting last December's edition of Wrap It Up (Patuxent Publishing/Baltimore Media Group) which I designed and coordinated. It's basically a second edition of the Holiday Gift Guide and used most of the same design elements. For many items, we were able to get photos from manufacturers while others required me to schedule a photo shoot with our staff photographer.


Portfolio: To Your Health 2009

For the design last month's publication "To Your Health" (Patuxent Publishing/Baltimore Sun Media Group), we ended up using a stock photo for the cover. For the feature story inside, "Counting Sleep", I created an original illustration:

Compare it to last year's edition where I used very different design elements and colors (oranges and greens). I still decided to use a consistent color and font scheme throughout this edition.

Portfolio: Spring Home & Garden 2009

The 2009 edition of Spring Home & Garden 2009 came out a few weeks ago and I was the designer/layout coordinator for it. Take a look at the stories that ran. I went with some very clean looks compared with last year's edition.