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Designing Your Own Custom Shoe

With the launch of Zazzle's custom Keds print-on-demand shoe line, it seems like a good opportunity to talk about all of the different custom shoe options online. In addition to Zazzle, companies including Converse, Vans, Nike and others offer configurable customized shoes.

Zazzle has teamed up with Keds to provide a fully custom printed shoe . Every surface of the shoe's fabric can be printed so you can use your creative spirit to make all kinds of designs, patterns and effects. They only have kids and women's shoes right now. If and when they introduce men's shoes, I'll definitely want a pair for myself! They currently cost between $50 and $60, not bad at all.

Zazzle custom shoes
Zazzle's custom shoes allow for printing on all sides of the fabric.

As blogger Sam Woodfin mentions, it's not 100% clear how the design changes with different sizes. On their t-shirts, the design stays at a fixed size for different shirt sizes. That wouldn't work with shoes. The product images seem to update with the different sizes, so I hope they are accurate. The FAQ seems incomplete; I'm left with questions answered like if they have plans for men's shoes. Still it looks like an exciting announcement and hopefully these questions will be answered in time.

Converse has customized shoes with a number of options and shoe styles. While it's not as fully customizable as you might want, they offer enough options to give you more unique looks than their off the shelf shoes. You can select different sections including the stitch color. Select colors/patterns to make unique combinations in the end. Some parts have more options than others with the fabric pieces having the most options. You can also have text stitched into part of the shoe. I have leather shoes in a customized brown and yellow with the back sitched with "SKETCHEE". Canvas shoes are $60 and leather styles are $75.

Custom Vans' are similar to the Converse customizations, but with fewer color options and with fewer pieces to customize. There are currently only two choices to pick from.

NikeID also gives a few custom color areas and allows you to search their database by color for preselected combos. Depending on the style of shoe, you can print a laser engraved repeating pattern of text or even switch out some fabric parts for leather although not a full leather shoe like converse.

A fairly ugly custom shoe I came up wth to illustrate the NikeID shoe.

Check to see if your favorite shoes have online customization options by visiting their website. More and more brands are doing it.

Tons of Great T-shirt Design Stuff

T-shirts are a pretty cool form of expression. They can look like anything. They can be inspiring. They can define you as a person. Sometimes they're a bit too casual , but they can have an upscale feel with the right design. Here's a look at some t-shirts, followed up with some links to t-shirt design tutorials and galleries so you can get more shirty goodness.

This is one of my favorites. I love the colors and asymmetrical design

Jenga fans? Or construction workers?

"A is for Apple" it says. It's a print of a hand painted ink art piece translated into a pretty interesting t-shirt.

Running with scissors

In the eye of the beholder. I don't know if I like the image itself, but I like the way its done.

Conezor? Just wierd. We all do scream for ice scream

Wasn't [[There Will Be Blood]] an odd movie?

As much as I love color, I couldn't resist this long sleeve shirt. It's just a cool high constrast design.

Paint by Numbers. For the artist in every nonartist. Or if you just remember paint by numbers stuff.

I'm not a weiner. Just a fun style and much like the others on here

A vintage woodstock poster on a shirt. Very cool image

Design your own

Here are a few pages about designing your own shirts that I found. I definitely want to do more shirt design, these things help inspire me to get started. Posting things here sure makes it easier for me to find things again when I need them...
Designing Ultra SceneXCore Apparel!
From Sketch to Vector Illustration

Intricate Patterns in Illustrator

Want to see more t-shirts?

Troundup. The T-shirt Lovers Blog.
Busted Tees
Ten Bills (T-shirts for only $10 or less)
A T-Shirt Reviewer Reviews T-Shirt Review Sites!

Creative & What else is there

Hopefully you've been checking out the SketcheeBook podcast, but if not please do. I'm hoping to have people submit questions, answers, comments, disagreements and tips to share with the audience. The audience is growing at a suprisingly steady rate. If you haven't checked out the show, it is about keeping productive with your creative stuffs. Especially for busy and dedicated people. All kinds of different tips for illustrators, designers, hobbyists, etc.

I've been pretty busy myself doing the whole graphic design thing six days a week. The goal is to have a new section with my design portfolio and change up the setup for the illustration and painting portfolio a little bit with the highlights. Yeah, this site has a lot of work to get it to where it needs to be. But that's is the dynamic nature of the web, I try to keep it at least presentable.

My latest posts have been from, which seems to have gone down. My guess is that they got too popular for the kind of server loads that they have to handle. But it's suprising when the site has just vanished so abruptly.

Scribble Scribble

I've been playing around in my sketchbook. Having a really good time, just letting my mind go free, not being afraid. I think the headphonin and checkmate sketches were decent indications of what's going in there now. Just scribbling patterns and graphic and typographic elements, mixing it with portraiture and landscapes. I think maybe most of my works have been somewhat traditional and trying to keep that timeless classic feel. It's interesting trying to keep that classic sense and introduce the graphic arts. I'm a graphic designer, so I'm always going through the design mags and sites... It's really all coming together in new ways. Iunno if it'll stick or if it's just an exploration I'm betting something from the scribbling will come back into some piece or another at some point. Anyway, back to scribbling

Drawing: Space, Form, & Expression

Thought I'd put up another book recommendation entry. Drawing: Space, Form, & Expression is a really good book that helps to expand your artis's creativity. It quickly runs through the basics but doesn't babysit you. It just tells you simply to draw and the general approaches and then let's you explore.

Too many drawing books are overly simplified tutorials that want to break down every stuff of drawing every object. While those books have their place, this one gives you the approach to being the one to discover how to create these things on your own. Learn how to view the world and you can pretty much draw everything. There are lots of excercises to help you explore the space on your paper and it's really just fun to go through. There are some great excercises about drawing from your imagination and turning it into something tangible

The book ends with a portfolio of contemporary and student drawings that explore the principles that you've learned throughout the text. Definitely one to check out, read through and follow.