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TriviaToy is a new trivia ecosystem for Android. Designed and developed by Brian E. Young, the goal is to have a great user interface and fun user generated content. Maybe learn something in the process! Try it out and let me know what your think!

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Hemming Jeans Like a Pro

Want to easily hem your jeans, keeping the original seam? Originally posted on Fig and Plum's post Hemming Jeans Without Looking Stoopid, Redux was a Word document that had disappeared from Cavaricci's site. I had put up an html version just to make it easier to read a while back. Not everyone has Word and seeing it in your web browser is convenient. I'm reformatting it today as a Wordpress post for easy content management. Make sure to send your thanks to Fig and Plum, a great site to add to your RSS reader!

Step 1

Start by making a cuff, like this one. The idea is to have the wear on the hem stitching show. Then figure out how many inches you need to take off.

Step 2

Now for the fun stuff! Divide the amount your taking off in 1/2 and place your tape measure or small ruler on the edge of the hem. Measure the same amount all around the hem, and pin in sections to make sure you will take off the same amount all around.

Step 3

Place the sewing foot on the edge of the hem, like shown above, and slowly stitch the cuff all the way around. Make sure that it measures the same all the way around.

Step 4

Okay, the hard work is all over. The original worn hem and stitching should be visible. If it's not, then it's either time to start over, or it's time to let the pros handle it.

Step 5

Push the extra fabric inside upwards if it is a small amount. If it's a huge wad of fabric then grab your scissors and cut off some of the extra fabric, leaving about 3/4" to allow for fraying in the wash.

Step 6

Turn the leg right side out and lay it flat. With your fingertips, press the seam you just created flat.

Step 7

On the inside of the leg, use your iron to press the extra fabric upwards.

Step 8

Then press the outside of the leg until it is nice and flat.

Admire your work!

There you have it! Can you tell the difference?

Update Aug 8, 2008. This forum thread linked to this page with some additional suggestions to ensure an even better hem. "just line everything up, and every couple of inches, make a stitch through the folded fabric, and then through your jeans (be sure to go vertically so it blends better). Go around a couple times in the same area (1mm apart x 3stitches is the best bet) and then tie them in double, triple, whatever knots, tie very well, and tight, and then snip off your excess. Maybe hit the fabric glue right on the knot to stabilize it." Visit that thread for the full conversation

Sewing Books

More resources

How to Hem Jeans from Dacia Ray

Hemming Jeans, A Tutorial from Canadian Crafter

Blind Hem Jeans from Burda Style

Tons of Great T-shirt Design Stuff

T-shirts are a pretty cool form of expression. They can look like anything. They can be inspiring. They can define you as a person. Sometimes they're a bit too casual , but they can have an upscale feel with the right design. Here's a look at some t-shirts, followed up with some links to t-shirt design tutorials and galleries so you can get more shirty goodness.

This is one of my favorites. I love the colors and asymmetrical design

Jenga fans? Or construction workers?

"A is for Apple" it says. It's a print of a hand painted ink art piece translated into a pretty interesting t-shirt.

Running with scissors

In the eye of the beholder. I don't know if I like the image itself, but I like the way its done.

Conezor? Just wierd. We all do scream for ice scream

Wasn't [[There Will Be Blood]] an odd movie?

As much as I love color, I couldn't resist this long sleeve shirt. It's just a cool high constrast design.

Paint by Numbers. For the artist in every nonartist. Or if you just remember paint by numbers stuff.

I'm not a weiner. Just a fun style and much like the others on here

A vintage woodstock poster on a shirt. Very cool image

Design your own

Here are a few pages about designing your own shirts that I found. I definitely want to do more shirt design, these things help inspire me to get started. Posting things here sure makes it easier for me to find things again when I need them...
Designing Ultra SceneXCore Apparel!
From Sketch to Vector Illustration

Intricate Patterns in Illustrator

Want to see more t-shirts?

Troundup. The T-shirt Lovers Blog.
Busted Tees
Ten Bills (T-shirts for only $10 or less)
A T-Shirt Reviewer Reviews T-Shirt Review Sites!

You Like It Unformal

Manolo for the Men is one of my favorite blogs. The text is always so short and to the point. The pictures are priceless and demonstrative. I ramble on too much and am too formal here. Take the post about the sucky new polo brand's logo. Izzy is brash; I love it!

Here's a cool link: Luis Santi Jr.

New old shoes

The retro look is everywhere in design right now. Check out my new converse shoes. So old style.
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