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Radiohead in Technicolor at the Susquehanna Bank Center

Radiohead had a great show at the Susquehanna Bank Center in Camden, NJ just across the river from Philadelphia on August 12. This was my second time seeing Radiohead after seeing them at the Nissan Post Pavilion during some pretty rained out conditions. This time the weather was much more cooperative.

Radiohead performing the song "All I Need" from the album [[In Rainbows]] on August 12, 2008

Here's the setlist via MTV News whose correspondent referred to it as "the second-best show I’ve ever attended":

“15 Step�
“There There�
“Morning Bell�
“All I Need�
“The National Anthem�
“Weird Fishes/Arpeggi�
“The Gloaming�
“Where I End and You Begin�
“Faust Arp�
“No Surprises�
“Jigsaw Falling Into Place�
“The Bends�
“Climbing Up the Walls�

First Encore:
“House of Cards�
“Go Slowly�
“Just, Street Spirit�

Second Encore:
“Planet Telex�
“Everything in its Right Place�

A YouTube fan video by krkst28 of Radiohead's Camden, NJ performance. This song being "The Bends".

In a followup to the Nissan Post Pavilion story, I'm happy to report that the I had a much greener experience more inline with the bands ecological message. They encouraged carpooling before the event and every car I saw had 2-4 people in it. Getting in was a bit delayed which seemed to caused by directing people to each spot individually, but leaving we had no problem and zipped right out of the parking lot.

You might also want to check out what some others in the blogosphere:

Radiohead: August 12th 2008 (Camden, NJ) ("Last night’s Radiohead setlist included none of their major radio hits; no High and Dry, no Karma Police, no Paranoid Android, no Creep. But then again, if you’re just a casual radio fan, you have no place at a Radiohead concert.")

YOU BOTH LOOK INCREDIBLY HEALTHY - Radiohead Live, August 9th and 12th ("The National Anthem was great as always. I still can't get over how amazing the light show for that song is. That awesome candy apple red lighting with the red scribbles on the screen that dance and jump around like hairs stuck on the projector lens.")

Radiohead Comes Like A Comet In Camden ("The set list I expected to see was turned completely upside down. Radiohead weaved through a performance that showed no mercy and kept the crowd standing and dancing all night long.")

Radiohead Shares Meaning of Life with Camden Crowd ("And while I was taking a piss, they supposedly shared the meaning of life with the couple thousand fans in attendance.") No idea what he's talking about.

What it means to be Alive ("The set list itself was immaculately constructed and while personal highlights are too numerous to number my most vivid memory was their performance of No Surprises. Ironically enough, a song about ending your life in a carbon monoxide filled garage, by a band that specializes in feelings of alienation and depression, brings about a greater understanding of what it means to be alive.")

Remixing Radiohead on Old Tech

James Houston brings us Big Ideas. It's the Radiohead song, played on old computer equipment. It's great to see people think way outside of the box. The idea of this remix is to illustrate how something can be more than what they were designed for. That's an inspiring sentiment and makes for a nice art piece.

Big Ideas (don't get any) from James Houston on Vimeo.

Want more Radiohead? Read about my trip to their Nissan Pavilion Concert

Radiohead at Nissan Pavilion

I had a great time, I really did. Tons of people had a horrible experience. It was rainy (flooding), traffic was bad and poorly managed. I drove in my little Toyota Yaris. It took hours leaving from Potomac Mills to the venue. Roads were closed due to the flooding and many people were turned away from the thing. A handy poncho helped make it bearable and I didn't really mind the rain. The band sounded and looked great from the field, moved a little closer, got a t-shirt. Good times.

Leaving ... the traffic was horrible, there was no control over the parking lots. No lane markers or anything, just dozens or lanes of cars trying to go straight for the exits and dodge the parked cars. The cars next to us were inches away at points. If I didn't have a GPS, we would have been confused in the detour mess like most of the travelers at the nearest 7-eleven who scrambled for directions collectively. Leaving the concert around 11, we made it back to DC at 2. It should have been about an hour away.

This was in no way a "green" experience, even though the band wanted an eco-friendly tour. I wonder how horrified they were by the miles of cars in every direction covering every lane of traffic. The venue isn't reasonable by any form of public transportation except rented bus!

Other people aren't not as positive as me on this one. And it's not unreasonable since hundreds of people had worse experiences, you could see them every where. It was great people watching. Read what they're saying about the concert:

Radiohead at Nissan Pavilion: Fail("Even in full rain gear we were miserable and cold as were most of the people around us.)
Radiohead at Nissan: Apocalypse Now ("The magnitude of misery (despite an otherwise great show) can not be fully described in this post, but i will try my best.")
Radiohead Awash in Virginia ("One fan has called it "the concert from hell": on Sunday night")
radiohead ("But, as someone as succinctly put it on, this was probably the best and worst concert experience in my life.")

It was Mother's Day, do the brits have that?

Update (May 13, 08)

Radiohead has posted this statement on their blog:
"Due to Sunday night's torrential rain storm and consequential multiple road closures, many fans were unable to reach the Nissan Pavilion. While acknowledging a lack of control over the ensuing flooding and detours, the members of Radiohead are nevertheless disappointed regarding this turn of events. For further inquiries, ticketholders who didn't get in are urged to contact:"

Update (August 16, 08)

See the follow up post: Radiohead in Technicolor at the Susquehanna Bank Center