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TriviaToy is a new trivia ecosystem for Android. Designed and developed by Brian E. Young, the goal is to have a great user interface and fun user generated content. Maybe learn something in the process! Try it out and let me know what your think!

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Typefaces Designers Must Have

There's a list of Designer Must Haves as commented on by Tara MacKay over at Notes on Design.

The best fonts list includes some of my favorite typefaces. I love using Adobe [[Caslon]] Pro—it must be Pro and you have to make use of the OpenType features. Italic Swash is my favorite. Adobe [[Garamond]] Pro and Minion Pro too. They just have a ton of variants and options. I think you can milk any font created by [[Adrian Frutiger]]. They're versatile. I don't get tired of them. ([[Avenir]], [[Univers]] and [[Frutiger]] of course. [[Myriad (typeface)|Myriad]] is the [[san serif]] alternative for the versatile [[serif]] fonts I went on and on about a sentence or two ago. Sorry fourth wall. [[Helvetica]] is overused, I'm over it. That's just for my designs, you use it if you want. The modern push is toward the san serifs, so I like to try to make serifs seem modern. I don't know if there's any success in it.

Excited about Wordpress 2.5

[[Wordpress]] has posted a sneak Peak of 2.5. It looks pretty cool including a new customizable dashboard and streamlined navigation. It's all backend stuff for this site that no one really cares about except those of us who use it for [[blogging]] and [[content management]]. I recommend Wordpress after trying many of the competitors, including the once okay but now increasingly crappy [[Movable Type]].

Edit: Movable Type 3, never forget.

Color Space

Check out Why Printers Don’t Want RGB Files And Why That Should Change from I'm a designer constantly dealing with converting RGB to CMYK conversion. It's a hot topic in the office trying to get these things to print right. Printers are stubborn so I don't think it's going to change, but this guy tells us a few reasons why it might be a good idea.

Twenty Twenty

eKarjala's Internet '96 brings us back to 1996. Web design has evolved slightly since then. I can't imagine what will stand the test of time in twelve years—and get this that's the year 2020. The one that jumped out the most to me was Nickelodeon's blog/video cast [[Natalie's Backseat Traveling Webshow]] which was synchronized with tv shorts. That's the multi-platform that the all the networks have only just caught onto.

People Watching

mental_floss' Taking Pictures of Strangers makes me wish I could have the courage to take a picture of someone I didn't know without them knowing. I love people watching. Whenever I'm with someone, I love to point out someone who caught my attention. Oh come on, you do it too. Point out the person with the funny hair or wierd pants. My dream art show for a while has been to capture that kind of candid moment in paintings. I've secretly been hoping to paint it for a while, but not much has materialized. Nothing is more fascinating to me. But I've wanted to take reference photos and capture the actual moments first. I'm too afraid that they'll look back. If I read that from someone else, I'd tell them "Oh get over it and just do it."